Spare Parts for Fire Extinguishers

ЗПУ для ОП 

Valves for powder fire extinguishers

ЗПУ для ОВП  Valves for mechanical foam fire extinguishers
ЗПУ для ОУ 

Valves for C02 fire extinguishers

*Pay attention, the wholesale prices for spare parts of fire extinguishers at our website catalogue are inclusive of VAT (at the purchase sum from 50 000 Russian Rubles)

The valve is installed on the body (cylinder) of the fire extinguisher and serves for coming of the fire extinguisher into operation by interruption and renewal of giving of fire extinguishing substance.

Spare parts selling - is one of priority activities of the «TMB» Company. Most producers of fire extinguishers in Russia trust only our spare parts. Our production had successfully passed all necessary certification. To buy our valves - means to choose the best ratio of price and quality.


We carry out both retail, and wholesales.