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Fire extinguisher - is a portable or mobile device intended for suppression of the seat of fire. The termination of reaction of burning happens due to release of the reserved fire extinguishing substance  under pressure by the fire extinguisher.

There are different types of fire extinguishers: they differ by the way of operation, by principle of action, by volume of the body, by the way of fire extinguishing substance giving and by the type of valves. 

In Russian Federation all cars and all industrial premises should be equipped by fire extinguishers. The number of fire extinguishers is calculated by special norms.

Selling of fire extinguishers - is one of priority activities of "TMB" company. Our production successfully passed all the necessary certification. To buy the fire extinguisher of "Balko" trademark - means to make a choice for the highest quality.

We carry out both retail and wholesales.


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