How to order our production?

The «TMB» Сompany gives opportunity to carry out the order for fire fighting production online by its official website (Балко.РФ, ТМБ.РФ).

For this purpose it is necessary to fulfill the following simple four actions:

  • Step №1 - «The choice of the goods according to the catalogue of production»
  • Put the goods that interest you into «Basket», by having clicked the «In a Basket» button on the page of the catalogue of production (under the definite item) or having clicked the link «Put in a Basket» on the page with the detailed description of goods.
    You can see the basket contents from any page of our e-shop by having clicked on the link «Open a Basket» in the right part of the website header.

  • Step №2 - «Goods basket»
  • You can change quantity of the ordered goods, remove or postpone purchase for later term in the basket.

  • Step №3 - «Ordering»
  • Only registered users can carry out the order in our e-shop.
    If you are already registered on the website, be authorized by having entered the login and the password into the corresponding fields. If necessary you can use the «Recovery of the password» function.
    If you aren't registered, fill in the registration form and after that activate the account by having followed the special link in the registration confirmation sent to your e-mail.
    At successful registration of the order the confirming letter will be sent to your e-mail.

  • Step №4 - «Processing and supporting the order»
  • The manager will contact you for order confirmation and specification of all the details of the purchase with the help of the contacts specified by you during registration.


Alternative order forms of production

If you don't want to make out the order through the website or this procedure seems to you labor-consuming, simply use the phone/fax (4872) 21-20-15, 24-77-65 or a feedback form.
Our experts will advise you on the choice of production, will accept the application and make out a bill.


The fire equipment e-shop «Balco» - operating time

It is possible to issue the order from the website 24 hours per day without breaks and days off.
Processing of orders from the website and booking by the phone/fax or e-mail is carried out only in working hours. You can study the working schedule of the company in the left bottom corner of any page of the website. Additional changes in operating mode (holidays, an emergency, etc.) are reported in news on the main page.

You can also get technical support on e-shop work through a feedback form.